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8 pcs of 8 colors

Blue/Purple/Green/Glow/Anchovy/Bunker Sardine/Blue Sardine

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  • Weight: approx. 4.5oz
  • Length approx. 6.75 inch(include rings & hook), 4.25 inch (body)
  • A versatile solid metal fish jig.
  • Super Sharp Treble Hook.
  • Quality Holographic Finish (lures shine and shimmer like a real baitfish)
  • Realistic 3D Eyes and detailed body construction.
  • For use in Saltwater AND Freshwater Applications.Metal Live Jig entices strikes from a wide variety of species, including Albacore, Bass, Salmon, Tuna, Grouper, Reds, Barracuda, Stripers and more.
  • The Metal jigs can be fished vertical off the bottom, cast and retrieved, trolled, and popular on the West coast.
  • A must have for your tackle box. Can be bottom bounced, trolled, cast, drop backed for tuna and more!


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