6″ Twin Tail Grub – Root Beer

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  • 8 pieces/per pack
  • Color: Root Beer

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  • Size with the tail extended: approx. 6 inch
  • Head Size: Width: 3/4″ x Height: 1/2″
  • The Twin Tail Lure is used in many ways but most similarly to the Grub.
  • Tail is Flexible with Wiggle and Twitch Action.
  • It may be rigged weedless, but is best on jig head.
  • Rig it to a jighead with just enough weight to get you down to where you want to fish.  
  • This is the go to bait for Smallmouth Bass,Walleyes,Northerns,Halibut,Musky,Striped Bass.
  • Great for Saltwater and Freshwater.


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