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Shrimp Fly Rig - Yellow/Red

    • Hook Size: 5/0
    • The Shrimp Fly Rig professionally rigged with 50Lb. test mono which starts with a barrel swivel and ends in a interlock snap.
    • The rig utilizes 5/0 hooks dressed with fly style felt, shiny Krystal Flash, Fluoro Fibre and strong knots at each connection point.
    • For best results, attach enough weight such as a lead or metal bar type jig, or attach small pieces of squid to the hooks themselves, so the rig can be lowered to the bottom.
    • Shrimp fly rigs are an excellent cost effective choice for bottom fishing, cod fishing or rock cod fishing.
    • They're a relatively simple designed dropper loop type rig, and have been used for decades by fisherman along the coasts.


    WARNING: California's Proposition 65

  • We will ship out within 24 hrs except weekend.
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